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“Sam+PR came on board and made a dramatic difference in my company. They completely revamped our website as well as staying on top of keeping it current and relevant.
Sam+PR has been proactive about getting necessary information from me to keep a steady rhythm with all of our social media and has given it a unified appearance and cadence.
Sam+PR also began a media program for us to show our unique process through both TikTok as well as YouTube, they then link them back to our other social media platforms.
Sam+PR has been proactive, on time, and affordable. We have had numerous existing clients give positive comments about “The New AWD”, as well as many new clients directly from our new visibility online.
Sam+PR is also very involved in the community and works with getting their clients linked together as well as involved with their social programs.

Can’t say enough positive things about this amazing organization.”

-Harley, Principal at AWD of Savannah

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